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Fastest Affordable Internet WiFi

World-class Fiber Internet is now available right here in the PNW.

Emerald Broadband provides the fastest, most reliable internet to apartments at an affordable price.


Ensure your household apps stay connected to run your life seamlessly.


For all the players, ultra-low latency, ultrafast fiber internet speed!


Getting more done than ever? You need internet speed that keeps up with you.


Movie-goers and couch potatoes unite! Our fiber helps all of your devices stream to their maximum potential.



  • If you call us, you're getting a real person on Pacific Standard Time, in Oregon, sipping local coffee, answering all of your questions. We believe in providing support and educating our customers with the knowledge to help themselves.

  • We've never raised our service prices and we never will. In fact, in December 2023, we permanently lowered our prices and raised our speeds.

  • Our fiber internet reigns supreme for reliability due to its use of fiber-optic cables, immune to electromagnetic interference or weather-related disruptions. Its dedicated lines deliver consistent, symmetrical speeds regardless of distance. With minimal latency and superior bandwidth, fiber ensures uninterrupted connectivity, making it the gold standard for reliable internet service.

  • We're committed to you, but you're not committed to us (although we know you'll love our service).

  • Taxes and fees are always included in the price, though you may want to purchase new hardware to keep up with your new speeds! Contact us for any questions on how to make your devices access your new fiber internet potential.

  • You'd be surprised. Some companies still charge for data overages or slow you down for using too much data. But this isn't 2012- it's 2024. And this isn't cable internet- it's fiber.



Note: Depending on customer hardware, purchasing a router or modem from Emerald Broadband may be necessary to utilize full fiber-optic potential.





Our basic 500 Mbps fiber optic connection for residential customers.




Our standard 1 Gbps fiber optic connection, built for faster streaming, gaming, and sharing.





Contact us to go up to 2 Gbps and beyond with our premium fiber optic internet options.


Established in Oregon in 2016, we built Emerald Broadband from the ground up to provide blazing speeds, reliable connectivity to the Pacific Northwest.

We're the best choice for seamless streaming, gaming, and remote work. With personable customer service and competitive pricing, we ensure your home apartment stays connected hassle-free!

River Watts

“This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers. ”

River Watts

“This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers. ”

River Watts

“This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers. ”

River Watts

“This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers. ”

Jamie Lane

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  • Is it truly "what you see is what you pay?"
    Yes! We believe adding extra hidden fees are silly. While there can be extra charges for service calls, and replacement of equipment if needed, all monthly services are what you see on our website.
  • What does it mean when you say Emerald Broadband is rolling out a 'future proof' network?
    A 'future proof' network is designed to be prepared for both today's and tomorrow's internet needs. Think of the internet like a highway where data (like your videos, emails, and game data) travels. A future proof network ensures this highway is not only wide enough for current traffic but also adaptable for the much heavier and faster traffic expected as technology advances. Here's why it matters: Speed and Capacity: A wider and well-prepared 'data highway' allows for faster speeds and more data to travel without bottlenecks, meaning smoother streaming, gaming, and browsing for you. Readiness for New Technologies: As newer technologies like virtual reality or smart homes become common, our network is ready to handle these high-tech demands without needing significant upgrades. Increased Reliability: Just as better roads reduce the risk of traffic jams and accidents, a future proof network means fewer disruptions and downtime, ensuring reliable internet access when you need it. Our commitment to a future proof network at Emerald Broadband means investing in advanced technology and infrastructure that not only meets today's digital demands but also anticipates future needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient online experience for all our users.
  • I'm having trouble connecting my TV to the internet. What should I do?
    If you're experiencing issues connecting your TV to your home internet, it could be due to a variety of factors. Here are some steps to help you identify and possibly resolve the issue: Check Your Network Connection: Ensure your home internet is active: Verify that other devices can connect to the internet. If they can't, there may be an issue with your overall network. Restart your router: Sometimes, simply restarting your router can resolve connectivity issues. Turn it off, wait for about a minute, and turn it back on. Verify Your TV's Network Settings: Correct network: Make sure your TV is trying to connect to the correct wireless network. Sometimes, TVs can drop the connection to your network and may need to be reconnected manually. Password check: Double-check that you've entered the correct WiFi password in your TV’s network settings. Examine Your TV’s Hardware: WiFi adapter: If your TV uses an external WiFi adapter/dongle, ensure it is properly connected and functional. Internal hardware: In some cases, the TV’s internal WiFi hardware may be faulty. If you suspect a hardware issue, consulting the TV manufacturer's customer support can be helpful. Software and Firmware Updates: Update your TV’s software: Ensure that your TV's firmware is up-to-date. Manufacturers often release updates to fix bugs or improve performance, including connectivity issues. Check for Interference: Reduce interference: Other electronic devices like microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors can interfere with WiFi signals. Try moving your router away from these devices or your TV closer to the router. Contact Support: If none of the above solutions work, there may be a specific issue with your TV or network setup. Contact our tech support at or call us at 541-363-0260 or 844-700-8555 for personalized assistance. We understand how important it is to have all your devices connected seamlessly, and we're here to help ensure that your TV gets online without further issues.
  • I subscribed to a 1 Gbps symmetrical internet connection. Why do my speed tests sometimes show around 940 Mbps for both upload and download speeds?
    Receiving slightly lower speeds than the maximum 1 Gbps on your speed tests is quite common and can be attributed to several factors that impact the measurement of your internet speed: Overhead in Data Communication: Internet communication involves some overhead that takes up a portion of the bandwidth. This overhead includes the protocols and control information (like IP headers and Ethernet framing) necessary to correctly send and receive data over the network. These requirements mean that the theoretical maximum throughput will be slightly less than the line rate of 1 Gbps. Device Capabilities: The devices you use (like routers, modems, or network cards) and their settings can affect the results of speed tests. Older or entry-level equipment may not be capable of handling gigabit speeds perfectly, even if your connection supports it. Testing Server Limitations: The server and the location used for the speed test also play a crucial role. Not all testing servers can support high-speed connections optimally, especially if they are under heavy load or physically far from your location. In practice, achieving between 940 Mbps to 950 Mbps on a 1 Gbps connection is considered excellent performance. These speeds effectively allow you to enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet, including rapid file downloads, smooth streaming of high-definition content, and responsive gaming and browsing experiences. If your speeds are consistently significantly lower than this range and you notice an impact on your internet usage, please contact our tech support at or call us at 541-363-0260 or 844-700-8555 for further assistance.
  • Why does my WiFi router have multiple channels, and how does that affect my internet experience?
    WiFi channels are like lanes on a highway. Just as multiple lanes on a highway allow cars to travel without getting in each other's way, multiple WiFi channels help data move smoothly across your WiFi network. Here’s how they work and why they’re important: Reduced Interference: Multiple Devices: In a home or office with many wireless devices, having multiple channels allows these devices to communicate without interfering with each other. This is similar to having multiple lanes in traffic; each device can operate on a different "lane" or channel. Neighbor’s Networks: If you live in an apartment building or a densely populated area, your neighbors’ WiFi networks might also interfere with yours. Different channels allow routers to operate on separate frequencies, reducing this interference. Optimal Performance: Channel Bandwidth: Most routers offer channels on different bandwidths (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). The 2.4 GHz band provides wider coverage but can be more susceptible to interference, while the 5 GHz band offers faster speeds at a shorter range. Channel Selection: Automatic channel selection can help your router pick the least congested channel in real-time, enhancing your internet performance. Flexibility and Customization: Custom Settings: Advanced users can manually select channels based on their specific environment and usage needs, optimizing their network performance by choosing the best channel with the least interference. Tips for Optimal WiFi Channel Usage: Use Tools: WiFi analyzer tools can help you see which channels are most congested in your area, allowing you to select a less crowded one. Update Router Settings: Check your router settings regularly and update them to ensure your router is set to an optimal channel based on current conditions. Understanding and effectively utilizing WiFi channels can significantly enhance your internet experience by ensuring faster speeds and more reliable connections.
  • We've all been charmed by Fibo, your delightful mascot. But we've got to know—is Fibo single?
    Fibo, our spirited and fun-loving mascot, is currently single and devoted to navigating the vast and exciting world of internet connectivity. He’s more focused on spreading joy and helping our customers stay connected than on finding romance. However, he's always open to making new friends and enjoys being an integral part of the Emerald Broadband family, where he brings a touch of humor and a lot of heart to everything we do. So, while Fibo may be single, he's never alone! He's always surrounded by the Emerald Broadband community, assisting folks like you to get the best out of your internet experience with reliability and a smile. Keep an eye out—you might just see Fibo at community events, in promotional materials, and wherever fun and fast internet are found!
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