Fixed Wireless Broadband

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  • Speeds from 25mbps to 150mbps available.
  • No Data Caps.
  • No Service Contract Required.
  • Taxes and Fees Included in price.
  • Symmetrical Connections.
  • Service available in Eugene and surrounding area, Oakridge and Westfir, Oregon.
  • Service requires Line of Sight to Emerald Broadband facilities.
  • Additional costs for Installation and Equipment may apply.
  • Contact us for more information

Fiber-optic Broadband

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  • Speeds from 100mbps to 10000mbps (10Gbps)
  • No Data Caps.
  • Taxes and Fees included in price.
  • No Service Contracts Required.
  • All symmetrical connections. Same upload and download bandwidth.
  • Additional costs for Installation and Equipment may apply.
  • Service Available in:
    • Eugene – River Road and Whiteaker Neighborhoods
    • Rural – Highway 36 (Cheshire, Junction City, Noti, Lowpass)
  • Contact us for more information

Voice over IP - Telephone Service

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  • Further savings available when acquiring more than one phone service.
  • Full featured cloud based PBX.
  • Requires a Broadband Internet connection.
  • Additional costs for Installation and Equipment may apply.
  • Contact us for more information

Founded With A Purpose

Emerald Broadband was founded in the spring of 2016 with two goals in mind. To bridge the digital divide in Lane County by providing world class internet service to underserved communities and to provide that service at the lowest possible cost to its customers.

Registered as a public benefit corporation, Emerald Broadband exists to service the needs of its customers without placing a priority on profit and affluence. When making decisions as a company, we routinely ask ourselves two questions, “Are we providing the best service possible?” and, “Is this the right thing to do?”. If we can’t answer those questions with a loud and resounding “Yes!”, then we owe it to our customers to rethink how we provide our service to them.

As technology becomes an ever increasing presence in our everyday lives, we strive to meet a special share of the challenges that many of our customers face every single day. By providing to them an enterprise level service we can help support the socioeconomic growth that comes with possessing a strong presence on the internet.

Enterprise network services up to 10gbps available.

No data caps! Unlimited data usage!

Full featured cloud based PBX and Unified Communication Platform.

Speeds starting at up to 50mbit/s! Upload and Download!

Corporate Clients

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